Parents of political prisoners gathered together

The meeting with parents of young people accused in case of “riots” in Minsk on Dec. 19, 2010 took place in “Solidarity” committee.
-The latest political criminal proceedings that took place in Belarus, have shown that there is no evidence of riots, that people are accused in - Valentin Stefanovich, lawyer, human rights activist said during the meeting.
Occurred trials on Parfiankou, Atroshchankau, Malchanau, Novik, Breus, Haponau, Medved and Likhavid have shown violation of the Criminal Procedure Code, as the investigation is not completed, and the courts have already started their work. The direct involvement of defendants in destroing the property of the Government House has not been proved in court.
The belarusian authorities, according to the Belarusian and international human rights organizations, are seeking to create a precedent to be able on the following processes refere to the previous judicial decision as the fact established by the investigation. This allows manipulation of the judicial-type connection to the case of so-called "victims" from MUS. For example, during Mikita Likhavid’s trial, 29 policemen have been heard in the court, who allegedly suffered from the demonstrators actions. "Injuries" were not recorded by medical examination in 22 cases.
Most likely authorities are trying to create an impression of opposition  monstrous intentions”, for justifying harsh judgments. There are no national mechanisms to protect people from politically motivated criminal persecution. That’s why  parents and human rights organizations should apply to international institutions to make the Belarusian authorities release political prisoners,- stated the meeting.
Mothers of those prisoners who passed through the prison in 2006, Vialeta Branitskaia, Iauhen Astrejka, Tatsiana Kim gave their advice to parents who are in prison today:
-“The point is – we must stay together, support each other and do not be afraid,” the women said to those who come to the meeting. –Go to the processes together, try to get meetings with the KGB, the Department of punishment, journalists. Don’t be afraid to stste that are you proud of your children, and they are not criminals, they are just fair people with active civil and political oponion.
Despite the fact that the situation is very difficult today and there are a lot of young people inprisoned, the mothers of former political prisoners, have confidence that under external pressure the authorities will be forced to release the young prisoners, as it occurred earlier in 2006.
"However, we have  talking all the time about the unacceptability of the situation, when the Belarusian authorities are tying to trade with young citizens’s lives and health for their own benefit,"- one of the mothers said.
Ina Cooley - the Head of  "Solidarity" Committee, noted that not only those people who are now in prisons, require the support of civil society, but also their relatives, parents, children and grandparents are in need:
"We know that everyone in your family now feels more pressure from the authorities: moral, psychological, material. Through your families and relatives the regime is trying to spread fear in society. This tactic is used not for the first time and we can only resist by human support and solidarity. There must be no families,  left without assistance from the Committee to protect repressed. Today we are gathered to hear the needs you have and how we can be helpful. We offer the possibility of medical rehabilitation and sanatorium rehabilitation, summer improvement  with small children in the camps of Poland and Czech Republic. If there are applicants or expelled students, or people who lost their job due to political activity in your families - we'll help you for sure - stated the head of the "Solidarity" Committee.
 The  meeting with the parents was attended by repressed human rights activist Liudmila Griaznova ("Law Alliance"), Anastasia Palazhanka (Young Front), doctors from the Association of Belarusian doctors.

On the photo: T. Seviarynec, N. Lobava, A. Likhavid, M. Kirkevich, K. Bulanova



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